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  • Community-Driven Interstellar Metaverse GiiiO Interstellar Explorer, Will List Binance NFT Soon

    Recently, the chain game track featuring concepts such as Metaverse and Play to Earn (play to earn) has become more and more popular, accompanied by the wealth effect brought by playing earning games and the influx of a large number of users. This track where encryption technology is fully applied in the game industry has attracted the attention of the industry.   This article will select the “potential stocks” projects that may be underestimated in the chain game track in the near future according to the current development status and…

  • Wan Wu Chao Sheng and Artist Chunren Jointly issue NFT Digital Art, Helping the Creator Economy

    My artistic view is that my creation must spread “truth, goodness and beauty”. I want it to be full of “innocence” and “empathy” because those bring people heartfelt fulfillment. –Famous artist Chunren The Internet, which was born in 1969, has been changing the world around us, and has opened up a new era of creator economy. Everyone can become a creator and upload their own content through the Internet. In the past two decades, the Internet has maintained rapid development, and Web2 content platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram…


    META SPACE Laboratory invested 100 million US dollars to support its ecological construction, and launched the META SPACE chain game ecology and META SWAP, DEX platform in the first phase, and opened up the dual ecological interconnection mechanism.

    Digital Currency 03/13/2022
  • Reasonable financial allocation, earn income at Coinbetter

    With the sound of the gunshots of the Russian-Ukrainian war, A-share Hong Kong stocks fell collectively, and safe-haven funds poured into gold, oil and other sectors, hitting new highs in more than a year. In the face of a fall, what should we do? Under the influence of external tensions, the market’s demand for safe-haven funds continues to increase. Coinbetter finds a track for investors, insists on digging in the market and provides users with a variety of different types of diversified products. At present, Coinbetter has added a new…

  • LibraSwap cross-chain transaction to lead the Swap 2.0 wave

    LibraSwap is the first NFT, cross-chain exchange platform where you can mint (create) NFTS through a crypto chain and easily exchange tokens between crypto chains. LibraSwap’s mission is to provide consumers with cryptocurrency-based financial services that enable them to exchange or “exchange” various digital assets. LibraSwap is committed to providing consumers with cryptocurrency-based financial services that enable them to exchange or “exchange” various digital assets. To facilitate cross-chain Dex and cross-chain exchange between ETH and BNB for exchange settlement that exceeds the limits of a typical isolated blockchain network.  …

  • Have a game against a star in your favorite!The capital-hot FTP is about to go online!

    Drama reliable news report: FTP yuan universe will be launched in the near future, FTP is a many capital popular football yuan universe entertainment platform, FTP is the whole football world developed based on the blockchain.It can allow you to enjoy the FTP ecology in the metacaverse free metaverse services, including immersive experience of football games, and game ticketing and metaverse interactive scene construction, FTP between football stars in the metacaverse scene interaction using a new generation of virtual reality technology provided by Sony, will be fully used in the…

  • Gswap is about to start, supporting cross-chain transactions and multi-scenario applications

    The Gswap decentralized application will be officially launched in early March 2022, and the Chinese language entrance will also be opened at the same time. In 2019, PIaytika announced its entry into the blockchain industry and began to conduct research work in the blockchain industry. In May 2020, PIaytika began to deploy the metaverse industry and digitally upgrade the existing industry. Gswap is a decentralized application based on the PK digital ecological wallet on the GS smart ecological chain developed by PIaytika & MET FX. It is planned to run…

  • Coinbetter: Transcript of the ETHDenver Conference

    The 10-day ETHDenver2022 has ended on February 20th . ETHDenver is the world’s largest Web3 and blockchain conference, bringing blockchain projects and companies from around the world to Colorado’s capital every year for days of hackathons, project builds, keynotes and panel discussions, and exchanges. In addition to Ethereum itself, the event also invited a group of chain-agnostic projects, including Alogrand, Near, Polygon, and Polkadot. Notably, this year’s attendees included state Jared Polis, South African entrepreneur (and Elon’s brother) Kimbal Musk, and Ethereum co-inventor Vitalik Buterin also made a surprise appearance. This…

  • BSC will be launched in April, ERC, Heco, BSC, TRC four chains will be issued at the same time

    The Coinbasis native token BasisCoin (abbreviation: BSC) is scheduled to be launched in April and will be launched on the four chains which are ERC, Heco, BSCand TRC. Coinbasis is an encryption platform jointly launched by the Australian bitcoin mining hardware giant Bitfury, FlashFX, AgriDigital and Othera, which is dedicated to the layout of the distributed storage ecosystem and the establishment and trading of distributed storage financial derivatives. It has been licensed the ASIC. BSC provides users with liquidity mining and lowers the entry threshold for blockchain mining. At the…

    Digital Currency 02/14/2022
  • Coinbetter: Outlook for Cryptocurrency in 2022

    Taking a look at the fall, the factors affecting bitcoin’s decline are increasingly complex from different dimensions. Bitcoin’s fall from $40,000 to its nadir of $32,000 is undoubtedly driven by the linkage of THE US stock market and the expectation of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. On the day before the Fed’s decision, U.S. stocks opened down, but bitcoin rebounded, petering out at $38,900, an important sign that the broader market is starting to move independently of U.S. stocks. The United States time on January 27, 3 o ‘clock, the…