Adam: Tcow will recast the cross chain DEFI

At 23:00 UTC on March 17, 2021, Adam, the person in charge of cow Asia Pacific region, tweeted that “According to the proposal of community governance of cow, cow will enter wave field ecology through parallel chain. Imtoken tokenpocket and other wallets will support the cross chain of cow-trc20 protocol on April 1, 2021.This will be the first time that cow has entered the defi ecosystem of landing applications.”


Adam: Tcow will recast the cross chain DEFI


Then in the forum, some informants released their opinions to understand that tcow, the new eco token mentioned in the tweet, will take TRX public chain as the underlying framework, smart contract as the core mechanism, and build an open financial system through decentralized protocol. This will enable anyone in the world to carry out open financial activities anytime, anywhere and without permission. Tcow will further build a low threshold, transparent, accessible and inclusive point-to-point financial system through distributed open source protocol.



In the official news later, it is more clearly pointed out that the international matrix public chain cow will provide the main network cross chain gateway service at that time, and the holders can exchange their assets for trc20-tcow with one click, so as to more flexibly participate in wave field ecological services and rich defi ecology, including cowswap, loan or derivative transaction, chain game and reorganization of ecological community, etc. It has also been reported that tcow will not only perform well in TRX ecological application, but also perform well in IPFs distributed information storage in the future. Let’s look forward to the announcement of tcow smart contract.

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