Breaking the Traditional IPO Shackles: GMC’s Digital Upgrade Solves the Financing Difficulties of the Real Economy



In the past few years, the rise of encrypted assets and blockchain technology has triggered a significant transformation in the global financial system. These emerging technologies not only pose challenges to the traditional financial industry but also provide innovative solutions to long-standing problems. This article will focus on GMC, the first encrypted asset anchored to real economic forest resources, and explore how it solves the financing difficulties of the real economy through digital upgrading.


The Problem of High IPO Financing Thresholds and Long Cycle


Traditionally, companies raise funds through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), but this approach faces a series of problems. Firstly, IPO financing has a high threshold, requiring companies to have a high market value and profitability, thus excluding many small and medium-sized enterprises from participating. Secondly, IPOs often have a long funding cycle, involving complex review and regulatory procedures, consuming a significant amount of time and resources.


Breaking the Traditional IPO Shackles: GMC's Digital Upgrade Solves the Financing Difficulties of the Real Economy


GMC’s Digital Solution to Financing Difficulties


Lowering the Financing Threshold

As the first encrypted asset anchored to real economic forest resources, GMC provides companies with a more flexible and open financing method through digital upgrading. Compared to traditional IPOs, GMC has a lower financing threshold, no longer limited to market value and profitability but emphasizing the recognition of actual value. Small and medium-sized enterprises can obtain financing opportunities by demonstrating their resources and development potential, thereby promoting the overall development of the real economy.


Shortening the Financing Cycle

Digital upgrading can effectively shorten the financing cycle. GMC’s issuance and trading processes are entirely based on blockchain technology, making transactions more transparent, efficient, and decentralized. This means that companies can complete the financing process more quickly, reduce review and regulatory steps and channel the financing funds into the real economy promptly, thereby driving economic growth.


Improving Financing Efficiency

GMC’s digital characteristics bring higher efficiency to the financing process. Through smart contracts, investors and companies can directly and securely conduct transactions without the involvement of intermediaries. This not only reduces financing costs but also lowers the risks of manipulation and fraud. Moreover, digital upgrading provides more information transparency for companies and investors, enabling both parties to more accurately assess risks and returns, thus enhancing financing efficiency.


Connecting Global Capital Markets

Unlike traditional IPOs limited to specific regions or countries, GMC as an encrypted asset can be issued and traded across borders. This means that companies can attract investors from a global range, expanding their financing channels and obtaining more funding support. At the same time, a globalized capital market provides investors with more choices and opportunities, promoting cross-border investment cooperation and common economic development.


In the future, with the improvement of blockchain infrastructure and technology, more real economy entities can obtain more financing opportunities through digital industrial upgrades and blockchain technology. As a digital token anchored to real economic forest assets, GMC’s exploration in the field of encryption serves as a pioneering demonstration for other real economy sectors.