• US Lawmakers Advocate for Blockchain Use in COVID Relief Efforts US Lawmakers Advocate for Blockchain Use in COVID Relief Efforts
  • DeFi Lending Project Teller Finance Taps Chainlink for Unsecured Loans Product DeFi Lending Project Teller Finance Taps Chainlink for Unsecured Loans Product
  • S&P Dow Jones Indices to Launch Cryptocurrency Indexes in 2021 S&P Dow Jones Indices to Launch Cryptocurrency Indexes in 2021
  • Lingose will soon be listed on OKX, Bybit and Bitget exchanges

    The simultaneous listing of Lingose on OKX, Bybit and Bitget  exchanges has caused heated discussions in the circle. While some people are actively participating in the ecological construction of lingose, some are still thinking, why is it lingose? This article will analyze Lingose in detail, so that more people can understand the project in depth. First of all we have to know what does Lingose do?   Lingose aims to establish a Game ID system based on blockchain data, which provides qualification proof by capturing users’ on-chain behavior. Every step…

    Uncategorized 09/15/2022
  • NFT’s with True Ownership and Asset Backed Utility

    Viviverse X ME Holdings join in an exclusive partnership to develop the worlds first real estate NFT collection in the metaverse. Each NFT gives the owner true ownership of an actual property that is developed by ME Holdings and rewards them with asset backed yields in terms of rental and capital gains generated. In addition owners simultaneously earn staking and utility rewards in Viviverse. The first batch will be minted on Aug 31st and made available throughout the Summer of 22. List pricing and whitelisting procedures will be made known on…

  • HyperNation Global Virtual Conference: A Critical Juncture in the Future of Web 3.0, Metaverse and Beyond

    HyperNation, the first virtual nation with its unique stand on human rights, justice, and personal sovereignty has been making waves since its inception in the metaverse. That ripple is bound to expand with the next global online conference starting at 1000 EST on August 22, 2022, where further updates, news, and event giveaways will take center stage.   The much-awaited conference will attract millions of viewers from across the globe, a feat achieved in the previous conference. The audience can expect new, novel and innovative functions to be announced at the…

  • Web 3.0 Metaverse Payment Network PAY DAO: Launches Community Donations and Opens to Everyone

    The Metaverse economic system will usher in major changes: PAY DAO, the world’s first Web 3.0 decentralized payment network on the Metaverse platform, announced that it will launch a community donation program on its official website on August 16 and open it to everyone.   What is community giving? Community donation is a relatively innovative and attractive way to issue tokens, which allows fair and equitable distribution of tokens to the community. Compared with traditional fundraising methods, community donations better reflect the free will and ownership of the community. Anyone…

  • Genesis NFT airdrop in Europe and the US——MotorN’s love is coming!

    The United States in North America is the global leader in the PC Internet Web1.0 era, and China in Asia is overtaking in the mobile Internet Web2.0 era, while the main force of the development of web3.0 is still in Europe and the United States, and Web3.0 is becoming a new field of “fighting” for the Internet giants in Europe and the United States in 2022. The next decade is the golden age of web3.0 development, instead of hesitating in the retreating web2.0, why not stride into web3.0 and find…

  • Lingose: Empowering Wed3’s GameFi Players

    With the awakening of self-awareness of a new generation of netizens, people begin to realize the value of their actions, and when these lines are recorded and accumulated enough, big data is formed. At present, major companies use big data to make countless profits, but the contributors of the data themselves have nothing to gain. When people really realize this, then web3 will be one step away from us. The most notable feature of Web3 is that the ownership and control of the digital content created by the user belong…

  • MCA-Base settlement currency to replace usdt/usdc

    The rise of cryptocurrencies makes Defi (decentralized finance) become a powerful digital economy, while the reliance on the US dollar makes it an intricate network of risks. In addition, the trade in cryptocurrencies in many cases also relies on stablecoins pegged to the US dollar. (Due to its better stability compared to other tokens, holders believe it has the same purchasing power over time. However, it is a common myth that the  devaluation of the dollar US dollar controlled by the Federal Reserve will also cause a devaluation of the…

  • CoinW pioneer’s the strides of world-class comprehensive crypto capital venture, as the EAFF E-1 Championship concludes.

    After 9 days and 12 matches, the EAFF E-1 Championship 2022 officially came to an end on the 27th, with a total of male and female soccer players from China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The offiical supporter of EAFF E-1 Championship 2022, CoinW, cheers for the participating football players. After 12 matches, the host, Japan, won the 2022 East Asian Cup men’s and women’s football championships, the Chinese women’s football team won the second prize, and the Chinese men’s football team, composed of young players, won the third…

  • BKEX Futures Ambassador Recruitment is up!

    1.Introduction of BKEX BKEX Global takes product innovation as the core of its development and is committed to promoting the globalization of cryptocurrencies through a diverse, deep and comprehensive derivatives ecosystem. Currently, BKEX Global holds MSB license issued by FinGEN, a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and has established the BKEX Sunshine Fund to fully protect users’ assets. More than 70% of BKEX technicians are from Microsoft, Xunlei and other leading platforms in the blockchain field. Currently, BKEX has developed technologies such as multi-signature, offline signature, and…

  • Bear Market Shocks! CoinW’s 0 transaction fee on spot trading helps users to make valuable investment

    Fears of a global recession and the worst inflation in over 40 years have wreaked havoc on the emerging cryptocurrency market this year. Coming into August, the crypto industry shows no signs of recovery. It is not easy for investors to stay calm, but it is important to remember that regardless of market conditions, never be an ostrich with your head in the sand, but rather follow the laws of the market and make the most of the current bear market opportunities to find investment breakthroughs. Total cryptocurrency market cap…

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